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Aqua Tec Series

The Aqua Tec Series is custom formulated materials used to help keep irrigation systems flowing at peak efficiency.  Ag Water Solutions will

  • Take water samples
  • Determine the problems in the water
  • And customize a material and solution for the problem. 

These materials are not copper based, they are not acids, and they are not chlorine based either.  By not using those materials, we have created products, which are safe for all crops, safe for soil absorption, safe for workers, and safe for you. 

We also have a Water Treatment Chemical Engineer on staff. He will perform a broad range of engineering and technical support tasks related to your water treatment operation, maintenance and modification.

No matter the water source, the problem, or the crop, we can create a solution for any situation.

We also offer Industrial Treatment Programs.  Please Contact Us for further information.

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